Sunday, 25 August 2019

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  • amoda is an editorially diverse and quality, high-gloss publication.
  • amoda is a South African and Asian fashioån, lifestyle and entertainment magazine for the affluent, brand savvy and fashionable 18 to 44 year old.
  • amoda is dedicated to becoming the pre-eminent, unifying and leading voice for the South Afro-Asian culture in Western society.
  • amoda is aimed as a premier fashion, lifestyle and entertainment publication for South Asian and African market.
  • amoda recognises that society is a blend of many cultures and types of people who make up the Afri-Asian and mainstream markets. Our research team is aware that amoda readers desire an editorially rich, informative and entertaining cross-over publication.
  • amoda, is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’. amoda is both!


  • amoda understands, reflects and promotes the merger between rich Eastern philosophies and progressive African ideologies.
  • amoda defines itself not simply as a South Asian publication, but a fusion magazine – a perfect blend of South Africa and South Asia.
  • amoda is the only cross-over magazine of its kind that serves the spending market in South Africa and South Asia.
  • amoda’s content is culturally defined and universally relevant as are the celebrities who will  grace our covers.
  • amoda and are the perfect media avenues for all things pertaining to, and relating to, mainstream South Asian and African women. We know our readers are proud of their cultural heritage and comfortable with their cultural duality.