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The golden boy of IndiPop

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Over the years, Sonu Nigam has graced his South African fans with a number of jaw-dropping performances.  In 2012, this musical talent returned to South Africa with a new enthralling Bollywood tour. amoda caught up with this Bollywood superstar…

Labelled the ‘Golden Boy of IndiPop’, Nigam’s life was destined to be in the lime-light.  With a successful Bollywood father – Agam Kumar Nigam – his life in Faridabad, India, was not an average one.  He was raised around fame and success.  This fame and success followed him through the years, as he worked his way up into the popular sensation that he is today.  His father, Agam, acted as his musical mentor and trainer, and this training helped him to produce the numerous hit songs he has had throughout the years.  Many of these hit songs have been featured in various Hindi and Kannada movies, and in addition to this he has also released many IndiPop albums and acted in some Hindi films.  Some of these hit movies that he has lent his voice to include Jo-dhaa Akbar, Om Shanti Om, Partner and Laaga, and Chunari Mein Daag.

Where it all begun

This fame began, when at the tender age of 18, Nigam had a grand opportunity to voice his talent in one of Bollywood’s famous movies ‘Bewafa Sanam’.  The hit song ‘Accha Sila Diya’ was featured in the movie, and this started his ripening career in Bollywood.  Now, at the matured age of 39, he is considered by many to be one of the top musical personalities from India.  Being one of the top Indian musicians of our time, he has been able to perform concerts worldwide – including countries such as United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Mauritius, and South Africa to name a few.

He has performed numerous times in South Africa, but on one occassion in April of 2008 he lent his spectacular voice to the South African public, performing with musical talent Gungan Singh and his father Agam Nigam, in the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, at the International Convention Centre in Durban, and at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng.  With no shortage of popular Bollywood hits, this multiple award-winning artist won over his audience with an exciting performance.  His performances have made his songs extremely popular, and have therefore been consistently topping the charts in South Africa.

This makes him one of the most popular Bollywood singers in the country.  He does admit that this popularity comes from tailoring each show that he does to appeal specifically to local audiences.  Some of the audiences’ most popular songs include hits from the films ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘Hum Tum’.  His audiences in both Cape Town and Johannesburg have in the past been mellow and reserved, but over the years the fans have become vibrant participants in the show. He shows that he is still able to capture the audience today with each performance that he does.


This fame has landed Nigam in some dangerous situations over the years though.  One incident in particular, happened during the Navratri celebrations, where Nigam was performing his newly launched bhajan album.  Within no time a mass gathering had formed to catch a glimpse of their idol live.  Despite having organised security for the venue, a mob formed and Sonu had to escape the arena with friends and family.  He spoke of how terrifying the experience was, but was quoted as saying “All I can say is it’s a classic case of ‘Love becoming Terror’”.

Although there have been many occasions where his fame has left him in situations such as this, he still loves performing and interacting with the crowd.  With this attitude he lives by the motto “Your tomorrow has no right to complain about your today, as long as your today gives you a bliss, unknown and incomprehensible to both your yesterday, and tomorrow”.

His humble approach to his audiences enthusiasm is comforting, and we are reassured that through all the ups-and-downs he enjoys performing and will always be there to deliver a great show to his fans.

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