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Blending of cultures

Posted on Thursday, 9 August 2012 by in Wedding

A glorious two-day celebration, a fabulous blending of cultures, a breathtaking bride and groom…

When we first met Tina and Raja, we were struck by how well they matched. Raja is a physician and Tina is a yoga instructor, and even though they come from different provinces and have different backgrounds, they somehow met and fell in love. If you ask Tina about their story, she’ll say Raja pursued her until she gave in and went on a date with him. If you ask Raja, he’ll probably agree with Tina, and say that’s exactly how it happened. We think that in itself is a sign that they’ll be happy for a long long time.

Tina and Raja’s marriage was a celebration of the blending of two cultures and two families. The first day of Tina and Raja’s celebration was the Mehndi Party, and the second day was the Western wedding ceremony. If you love culture and tradition, fun, food and dancing, you will fall in love with Tina and Raja’s Mehndi party. Their wedding ceremony the next day was a beautiful celebration of their families and future together. We loved how the bride requested a flower be placed on the first chair during the ceremony to honour her mother’s memory and how much excitement the bride and groom showed up until the last moments of the evening. It really was an epic celebration, and we wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

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