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Is he serious about you?

Posted on Monday, 13 August 2012 by in Relationships

Do you ever wonder how serious your partner is about you? amoda gives you the 10 questions to ask. The answers to these important questions will determine whether you should stick around…

1. Is he listening to you when you talk about work or friends?
If he does, he probably genuinely cares about what is going on in your life. This is a sign he is serious, otherwise he most likely would not pay attention. Try engaging him in conversation about something you said yesterday and see what happens.

Don’t fault him if he doesn’t remember the entire conversation or only retains parts of it. It’s the fact he remembered that really counts. Ask him how important what you talk about is to him.

2. Does he know about the things that matter most in your life?
If the answer is yes, chances are the two of you talk often and your conversations are pretty deep. If you are close, you will know important details about one another’s lives, dreams, and desires. This is a definite sign you are getting serious about each other.

If he truly listens to you, he’ll probably bear your wants and needs in mind, and this will show his level of commitment. He’ll also be able to answer this question when you ask.

3. What are his values and beliefs and do they coincide with yours?
If you have discussed this and he has not pulled away or become disinterested, chances are he is getting serious about you. He’s thought about what is important to you and is in tune with that.

4. Will he attend family events with you?
This is a sign he is serious, otherwise he would gracefully bow out of such gatherings. He’ll surely know you’re serious about him because he’s met your family.

5. Have you met his family?
This is a big step for anyone, but perhaps most of all for a guy. His taking you home will be a sign that either he is getting serious or would like to show you off. If you are unsure of which it is, ask him how important it is to him that you meet his family.

6. Does he take an interest in your work?
If he supports you and wants to help you get ahead, odds are he’s thinking it’s serious. The two of you should want to help each other, so this would be a good sign in his favour.

7. Do you plan holidays together?
This doesn’t mean you plan and he agrees. If he participates in the planning chances are he’s getting serious. After all, he’s agreeing to travel with you.

8. Do his future plans involve you?
When he talks about the “long run”, does he place you in it? If the answer is yes, chances are you’re on his mind a lot and he is definitely serious.

9. How does he feel about having children?
This is important whether you want them or not. If the two of you differ on this issue, chances are you’ll run into some serious problems in the future unless one of you is willing to concede to the other’s wants.

10. Where does he see your relationship now?
A lot of guys don’t like answering this question because it seems loaded, and perhaps it is. Still, if you are getting serious about him, you need to know whether or not he is getting serious about you.

Instead of just asking the questions outright, ease into the conversation. That way he’s more likely to discuss it with you.

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