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Lady Gaga’s ‘black’ perfume

Posted on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 by in Beauty

Like everything else Gaga — her style, her music and her personality – this perfume called Lady Gaga Fame is also designed to elicit shock and awe.

A first in the beauty business, the perfume, when in the bottle, is a complete opaque black. But when you spray it though, it comes out clear and becomes invisible once airborne.

The brief Gaga gave was simple: “The dark side of fame.”

It’s not just the black colour that makes this perfume so unique; it’s the unusual structure of the notes. There’s no regular top, middle and bottom, the perfume house calls it a trampoline structure where different notes and accords can be sensed depending on different factors like who wears it, whether it’s sprayed on or rubbed.

Bottom-line the scent is a fruity floral, though Gaga originally envisioned this as having blood and semen notes. But perfumers Richard Herpin, Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich who worked with Gaga to create the juice worked around three central accords — dark, sensual and light. The dark accord was inspired by belladonna, the deadly plant, and has incense; the sensual accord includes honey, saffron and apricot nectar, while the light accord features crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac.

To get your hands on it, you’ll have to wait till the end of this month, when the global launch is scheduled to happen.


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